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От пользователя EKalman2 02.06.2015 12:49:46
New in Scotland

Hello everyone, I am new in Glasgow (Scotland) and looking for a job. I would like to find some friends and practice my English speaking. Is anyone here who lives in Glasgow?


От пользователя KGiboshi1 05.08.2015 16:25:44
RE: New in Scotland
Hello Eszter, how are you? I'm from Brazil, but if you want i can try to practice english speaking with you. I would like to go to Scotland some day. You can tell me how is there. :) Bye bye Regards.
От пользователя JQuintao8 10.08.2015 11:10:13
RE: New in Scotland
Hello, Ezter! I'm from Brazil and I'd like to practice my english with you. IF you want we can keep in contact. regards
От пользователя JQuintao8 10.08.2015 11:11:49
RE: New in Scotland
Hello Eszter! I am from Brazil and I would like to practice my english with you. If you want, please let me know. Thanks

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