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От пользователя YYANISSE 02.09.2015 10:38:58

 Hello everyone I am Oussama from Algeria I want to know the mysteries of investing in Russia and is it a good country to invest ?

От пользователя dkharisov 04.09.2015 13:38:29
RE: Enquiry
Hello YYANISSE, I am from Russia and I can say that our country one of the fast increase economy in the world. Under west sanction our market fall out, but it have many points to grew. As other countries we have some problems because while our economy depends of oil and gas prices. But I promise we will grew in next years. Excuse for mistakes, I speak English a little. Good luck!
От пользователя YYANISSE 04.09.2015 17:59:15
RE: RE: Enquiry
Thank you very much denis kharisov for the information that informed me by