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От пользователя JAlvarado1097 01.02.2016 16:47:31
Ni hao!

Hello everyone,


My name is jason and I really love the chinese culture. I am not so good at learning mandarin but I would love to try.


I h***e been learning on and off for a year but I really am hoping to get back into it!


Talk to you soon


Wo hen hao



От пользователя zlic684 05.02.2016 10:43:07
RE: Ni hao!
Nice to meet you here Jason! I was a student in your class before. After two days, we will welcome the Chinese New year, I wish you " shen ti jian kang, wan shi ru yi !"
От пользователя ddudu73 26.02.2016 22:19:30
RE: Ni hao!
Hi,Jason,Thank you love the Chinese culture.I'm a chinese,may i help you?