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От пользователя HOliveira907 28.06.2015 20:23:24
Hi people

 I have just created a whatsapp group for people from various countries to meet each other and talk about their cultures . Join too, just let your number here or call me on whatsapp. My number is +55 61 98533880

От пользователя BSilva1762 08.07.2015 18:57:54
RE: Hi people
Hi, my cell number is 12 98206 7625. Thanks
От пользователя MCHALLA5 09.07.2015 20:21:12
RE: Hi people
I would like to talk with new friends my mobile number is 919391912447 (INDIA)
От пользователя FAlmeidaSantos13 03.08.2015 23:05:30
RE: Hi people
Hi... please add my whatsapp +55 21 99101 4870 to change experiences and training english.. i'm a begginer but l love this language. thank's!!!
От пользователя halsaray1 06.08.2015 1:11:46
RE: RE: Hi people
hello i'd like to join to your group please my number is 009647702714554
От пользователя PCHEN5158 29.08.2015 2:32:48
RE: RE: RE: Hi people
I want to joint it, my whatsapp number is 008613580599171
От пользователя CCampos1328 29.08.2015 14:51:41
RE: Hi people
I would like to join too!! my whatsapp number is +5521971888112
От пользователя tsahra3 11.09.2015 15:55:30
RE: Hi people
hi, i would like to be familiar with new friends over the world. my number +989011957778
От пользователя ftao184 19.09.2015 1:35:53
RE: Hi people
hey, guys, mine:+86 18789289486 I had one road trip in CA and AZ last summer and i have been doing Couchsurfing for 1 year , would be glad to share stories with u guys . Already hosted friends from Germany, France, Belguim, Crech , Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Potugal, Austria , Holland, UK, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, etc. https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/brucetao Bruce
От пользователя xluc242 04.10.2015 20:50:54
RE: Hi people
Hello ! my name is Elsa.my number is +86 13533613447

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